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Are YOU tired of doing the same old workout over and over again, encountering a lack of guidance and supervision, dealing with unavailable, unqualified and unapproachable staff?    Not getting the results you paid for or thought you'd be getting by now?! 

Eliminate your frustrations today!

Take a class that has it all for every fitness level; a great dynamic warm up similar to what the professional athletes use followed by an 8 to 12 functional strength exercise circuit with incredible cardio exercise mixed in.    Top it off with some killer core strengthening exercises and cool it down with some static stretching and you have a recipe for fat loss, boosting metabolism, increasing strength and muscle tone and a new body everyone will be asking you about!   

You'll make new friends of like minded people who are focused on one thing, RESULTS and having fun doing it.   Our certified and degreed staff will have you doing exercises you've never done before and using equipment like kettlebells, plyo boxes, medicine balls, tubing, balance apparatus and your own bodyweight in this intense class.     Everyone is welcomed and works at their own pace.   First class is always free to try so come on down, checkout our schedule below!

Feeling adventurous or need a change of pace.....try our latest additions to the schedule; TRX Suspension Training and Kettlebell class.

TRX is suspension training, lifting your bodyweight while holding onto straps hung from the ceiling.   The TRX Class will correct posture/form through an intense full body workout that will complement our bootcamp program.  Workouts include core strengthening and functional exercise to improve your performance in your sport, boot-camp class and improve activities of daily living.

A ‘kettlebell’ or girya (Russ.) is a traditional Russian cast iron weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle.  Kettlebells were designed to give you a super workout with just one or two fixed weights.  Kettlebells melt fat without the dishonor of dieting or aerobics and are one of the most effective means of strength development; losing 1% of body fat a week for weeks is not uncommon.  If you are overweight, you will lean out. If you are skinny, you will get built up.   Requirement:  Flat soled shoes (if you don’t have any be prepared to go barefoot).

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Do you know the secret to dramatically improving your athletic performance? Call 203-924-2230 to start building strength, speed, and endurance today ... the BAD way!

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Tel: 203-924-2230, Fax: 203-922-9375

Mission: To educate and assist athletes in reaching the
highest level of play possible, maximizing their athletic potential.