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Take advantage of our current prices before the price increase effective Nov 1.

Class Participants,

Better Athletic Development began in November of 1999 servicing primarily high school athletes and has not only grown to be the #1 choice of ALL athletes throughout CT,  but has expanded its menu to include camps, clothing line, nutrition, supplementation, therapy through Dr. Santora and of course, the group exercise classes you have come to enjoy and benefit from both physically and mentally. 

As I look back at all we have accomplished and analyze our operations to continue providing you with high quality services and someday expand and grow my business, I realize that a great deal of my time is being spent  on collecting fees and billing instead of on what matters most;  developing new and exciting classes / programs and training members to help everyone achieve the results they've been striving for and entrusted that responsibility with Better Athletic Development.

I also see how our expenses have risen over the years yet I have never increased our prices (even for cost of living adjustment or operations) to meet those costs obligations.   So I have come up with two solutions I really hate to do but must from a business perspective if I am to continue providing the high quality, result achieving programs you have come to enjoy and to grow my business.   

First, is to institute an auto-debit policy for all membership types so that I can concentrate on the important things like YOU.   Monthly memberships with a card or account number on file are not affected by this change.   If you are a punch card member, I am requiring a card or account number be kept on file to "auto-renew" visits on your punch card.   You will pre-determine how many visits you would like to add to your punch card when there are only 2 visits left.    Secondly, to remain cutting edge and competitive within the industry, meet our rising expenses and continue to expand our class offerings (ie. TRX & Kettlebell), I must adjust our prices slightly effective November 1, 2010.   With this increase comes some added bonuses like a customized program for all class participants who either cannot make a scheduled class but still would like to get a workout in or want to come in and train on a day they normally don't take class.   The other bonus (me being Mr. Nice Guy again) is to give all CURRENT class participants an opportunity to purchase additional visits or add months to their membership AT THE CURRENT CLASS RATES extending their contract end date beyond November 1.   This offer is only good until Saturday, October 30th.

November 1, 2010 Rates:
Unlimited classes per week @ $129 per month                                                                       (includes evaluation and customized program) (EFT only)

Punch Card: (Account # on file required)

10 classes $150

20 classes $290

30 classes $405

Please contact me or the staff if you would like to purchase additional visits onto your punch card or if you would like to add months to your membership by October 30, 1:00 pm before we close the facility for the weekend.   Again on Monday, November 1, the new rates will go into effect and all monthly memberships will be charged the new rate unless your contract end date is beyond November 1 due to purchasing additional months at the current rate.   Punch Card rates will go into effect for a member when their punch card reaches 2 remaining visits.

I appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this transition and look forward to continuing to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Coach Kevin Gendron - Founder and Director of Conditioning

Do you know the secret to dramatically improving your athletic performance? Call 203-924-2230 to start building strength, speed, and endurance today ... the BAD way!


Better Athletic Development   |   33 Hull St, Ste 3   |   Shelton, CT 06484
Tel: 203-924-2230, Fax: 203-922-9375

Mission: To educate and assist athletes in reaching the
highest level of play possible, maximizing their athletic potential.