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Coach Gendron has been published in the most comprehensive book on speed improvement to ever hit the sports conditioning industry by 18 of the top speed, strength and conditioning coaches in the country:

How To Improve Your Speed in 30 Days!

Champion Sports

The leading manufacturer & supplier to the trade of Team Equipment, Recreation Equipment, Fitness Equipment, Coaches Equipment, Physical Education Equipment, Custom Products

BAD is a sports equipment retailer affiliated with ChampionSports.com. To order equipment from Championsports please contact Coach Gendron.

Champion Sports

Develop your own unique fitness program that is portable, inexpensive, time efficient and unlimited physiologically.

The Power of Champions In a bizarre 21st century world where obesity dominates, fast food restaurants rule, infomercial marketers deceive, and fraudulent weight loss promises abound, there is need for clarity. There is need for not one champion, but for a ground army spreading a contagiously positive message of truth. That ground army is here to help you become the champion you've always wanted to be!

Sports to School

SportsCamper.com: Offering a comprehensive sports camp directory, scholarships, highlighted camps, and informative listings for thousands of camps in our directory!

Sports to School

SportToSchool.com: The Athlete's College Connection. If you want to get noticed by college coaches, then you have to do something to make them notice you. With thousands of high school athletes out there, you must take an active role in the recruiting process to set yourself apart from the pack.

Click through to SportToSchool.com today. Your purchases help to fund BAD’s programs and camps!

SportSpecific.com: Over 3,000 pages of Cutting-Edge Speed, Strength, Power, Agility and Endurance Programs and Exercises!

Click through to SportSpecific.com today. Your purchases help to fund BAD’s programs and camps!

Sports to School

The invention of the VORTEX CURVE has led to an advanced free movement strength training system we call VORTEX Multi-Vector Training. (VORTEX is the acronym for Vector Oriented Resistance Training and EXercise.) Now you can train more body parts in free movement patters and create limitless real-life workout motions to develop strength. You can train all the body's needs in basic and advanced functional movement patterns in unlimited, multiple vectors.

Do you know the secret to dramatically improving your athletic performance? Call 203-924-2230 to start building strength, speed, and endurance today ... the BAD way!

“My son has found your off-season program very helpful and eagerly awaits the next camp... being a baseball, football and basketball coach for 7 years, I find it helpful to recommend my players to your program to train and stay in shape... keep up the great work!”

B. Mancini (coach, parent)

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