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Do you know the secret to dramatically improving your athletic performance?

“Every athlete is endowed a certain level of natural ability, but no athlete can maximize the true potential of their genetic gift without detailed and comprehensive player development programs.”
— Peter Twist, Strength Coach, Vancouver Canucks

The nationally recognized coaches at Better Athletic Development have developed programs and techniques proven to help athletes go farther, be faster and stronger, and have more endurance.

Through a careful screening of each athlete, the coaches at BAD will custom tailor a program to each athlete's specific needs and goals. Our coaches monitor progress throughout the process to ensure success.

Graduates of the programs at BAD have set personal and field records at high school and college levels as well as professionally.

Call 203-924-2230 to start building strength, speed, and endurance today ... the BAD way! 

Training without the right supplementation is like not training at all...

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“Coach Gendron is a true professional in the field of strength and conditioning. I know how to coach baseball and motivate kids, but whatever I thought I knew about building an athlete was nothing compared to what I learned from Kevin. The presentation he made to my team was one that has been talked about since the day he was here. The demonstration portion was amazing. The kids truly learned how to take the strength they built in the off-season and put it to use in ways that directly relate to the game of baseball. If you don't have access to such a coach, you need to get it. It is crucial to the development of the athlete and the performance of your team.”

Wayne Mazzoni, Head Baseball Coach, Teikyo Post University

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Mission: To educate and assist athletes in reaching the
highest level of play possible, maximizing their athletic potential.

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