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What is (Cold) Low Level Laser Therapy

Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER) is presently being used in various clinical settings including ophthalmology, dermatology, surgery, obstetrics, neurology, gynecology, psychiatry, internal medicine and acupuncture therapy to name a few.  Most in this setting are higher output lasers which can create heat and cut.  Recently, an ultra low output (40% of a 100 Watt Light bulb) laser of helium-neon cold gas has been introduced to help with acute and chronic pain reduction and enhance tissue healing.  Basically, all the molecules, cells, tissues and organs of the body communicate with each other through coherent light and vibrations, (laser-like coherent oscillations),  each having their own resonant frequency that coordinates their activity.   By manipulating and balancing the vibratory circuits, we can directly influence the body’s systemic defense and repair mechanisms.

Brief History

Little is known about the use and quality of therapeutic light, however it has been used  since the earliest written documents of man (1500 BC).   People have written about the healing power of the sun, Hippocrates being one of them build hospitals with glass roofs over the sick wards.   Other doctors in 150-200 AD ordered sun baths for their patients.   Red light was used in the treatment of smallpox from the 1200 to the 1890’s.   A method learned from the Arabians and the Chinese to lessen scarring and shorten the period of disease.  Low Level Laser Therapy has been an essential part of a therapeutic regimen for practitioners around the world and only recently has caught on in the US.


  • Stimulate wound and fracture healing

  • Creates an analgesic effect (pain management)

  • Relief of Muscle spasms

  • Reduction in pain and edema (swelling) and an increase in range of motion

  • Reduction in inflammation and pain of tendonitis, bursitis and arthritis

  • Improvement in joint function of TMJ, carpal tunnel and myofascial pain

Athletic benefits:

Athletic performance enhancement while decreasing the potential for injury through:  

·                  - Significant increase in strength

·                - Increase in joint range of motion (increase in flexibility = increase in stride length = increase in speed!)

·                - Increase in ATP production (energy = improving work capacity, stamina)

          BAD's Sports Medicine Team with Dr. Ralph Santora, DC, PT, can dramatically decrease the recovery time and return athletes to the field much sooner, if an athlete sustains an injury.

Who has used the laser:

This is the same Laser used by 7 time Tour De France winner Lance Armstrong, Junior Seau (San Diego Chargers), Major League Baseball, The New York Jets, Army Tennis Team and countless other college, professional and Olympic athletes.  

Side effects

The eye is very susceptible to laser radiation due to the fact the lens system allows focusing of the laser beam and could damage the retina.  Otherwise, the laser appears harmless from side effects.

Session Protocol

Each session begins with a Range of Motion test followed by an isometric strength test.   If deficits are found, the nerve root located at the spine is bathed with laser light first. This is followed by “trigger points” (entrapment sites) along the nerve “train” and then the actual site or muscle group. 

For more information visit the Erchonia website at www.erchonia.com

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