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A Message About Performance

Research has shown that players involved in a well-planned conditioning program early in their careers are at a distinct advantage in maximizing potential and limiting the risk of injury. Consistency is the key. When appropriately challenged, the human body will adapt and become stronger. Unlike machines, the more the body is used, the stronger it becomes and theoretically the longer it will last. Conditioning is a process that must be continuous to ensure development.

Unfortunately, many players fail to develop their athletic ability fully and instead focus only on improving their sport skill. As a result, players typically become very good at performing the skill but lack the physical development to exploit those skills completely. Hitting with power, passing cyclists on a hill and rebounding with authority are examples of where proper conditioning would separate two players of equal skill from each other.

Refining skills will only get you so far, unless you also develop the physical base for performing those skills repeatedly throughout the season and year. Some high school and college players can shoot and dribble as well as pros, however, they typically lack the conditioning or athleticism to compete against players at the professional level. Players and coaches mistakenly think that playing a lot of games is all they need to get and stay in shape. The act of playing games will not adequately challenge the physical requirements necessary to elevate specific skills to a higher level. Off-season conditioning is the key to heightened play.

Michael Jordan stood apart because of his superior “total package” (incomparable physical ability combined with exceptional skill). Improve your players as athletes. Implement a program that will develop all the components of athleticism. As athletic ability increases, sport specific skills will likewise be raised to new heights. While improving and refining a player’s skill is crucial for enhancing the quality of play, it is the improvement of the player’s athletic ability that allows him to elevate his play to a higher level. The level at which sport specific skills are performed are directly related to the level of the athlete’s total conditioning.

Do you know the secret to dramatically improving your athletic performance? Call 203-924-2230 to start building strength, speed, and endurance today ... the BAD way!

Complete Conditioning for Basketball, 1996, Human Kinetics, Brittenham
High Performance Sports Conditioning, 2001, Human Kinetics, Foran
“...Each of our sons have benefited physically by Coach Gendron’s knowledge and expertise... we personally find him to be a dedicated, honest and personable person... an asset to our community... recommend to our friends and business associates.”

Matt & Mike Dziubina (Shelton High School & Intermediate School)
C. & P. Dziubina (parents)

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