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Start improving your speed, power, strength, agility, balance and flexibility immediately with one of BAD’s Performance Edge Programs.

Better Athletic Development’s Coaches are dedicated to providing clients with a positive training experience through constant and careful teaching, instructing and coaching utilizing the latest scientifically proven training methods used in most Division 1 athletic programs and by most professional sports teams.

All of our athletes undergo a movement analysis and performance assessment to determine individual weaknesses, strengths, imbalances and areas for improvement. A consultation with a coach follows in order to establish realistic goals and to design safe (age-appropriate), comprehensive, sport specific, speed, agility, strength and conditioning prescriptions.

Performance Edge programs are 6 weeks long, individualized and supervised. We recognize the need for individuality, sport/position specificity and periodization. All training sessions are supervised by knowledgeable, inspiring Performance Coaches or the Director of Sports Conditioning.

All athletes follow a similar protocol that begins with warm up, dynamic flexibility and running technique which is followed by balance, core development, strength training, and ending with flexibility.

Corrective exercises are built into each individualized program based upon weaknesses and imbalances discovered during the movement analysis and performance assessment. Periodized programs are also based upon pre-season, in-season, and off season training plans (see Seasonal Breakdown). Plans ensure short term goal accomplishments and the elimination of plateaus.

Performance Edge Programs

  • PE Bronze – 2 training sessions per week – Recommended for in-season
  • PE Silver – 3 training sessions per week – Recommended for pre-season
  • PE Gold – 4 training sessions per week – Recommended for off-season
  • PE Platinum – one on one training with a Performance Coach


Want to maximize of your off-season and make an incredible impact in the coming year? Are you considering multiple performance edge packages?

Then you want BAD’s MOMENTUM PROGRAM. Continually make gains with consistent training for six straight months or for the full year! Training programs are modified more frequently than six weeks, keeping the athlete fresh and challenged maintaining positive “momentum.”

  • Momentum 6 - six months of periodized training
  • Momentum 12 - a full year of cutting edge sports performance conditioning

See “ A Message About Performance”

MVP Club – Athletes purchasing a MOMENTUM program package and paying in full at the time of sign up are inducted into the MVP Club. Club members are entitled to a discounted rate, free T-shirt, water bottle, ball cap, free enrollment into any 3 Athlete’s EDGE-ucation Workshops and other amenities determined at the time of sign up.

B.E. F.A.S.T. Speed Program (Balance, Endurance, Flexibility, Agility, Speed, Training) – This 6 week program that meets 3 times per week administers the principles outlined in Coach Gendron’s speedexperts.com chapter on improving speed in 30 days. Athletes will develop and improve the 5 components of speed with an emphasis on running technique, core development, balance, agility, linear, lateral and multi-directional movements. (to purchase Speed Experts visit speedexperts.com/Gendron.htm)

Sport Specific SAQ Camps (Speed, Agility, Quickness) – Improve you athlete’s running technique, speed, acceleration, agility, first step quickness, balance, coordination, power, drive, explosive starts and reaction to game stimulus with our 3 day (9 hours) camp. Camps can be held at your location and are designed for all ages and ability levels. Each camp day consist of training and a brief educational workshop. All participants receive a BAD T-shirt, water bottle, certificate of achievement and discounts to area sporting goods retailers. Ask about our fund raiser and coaches’ workshops!

Video Performance Analysis (Needs Assessment/Video Analysis) – BAD’s Director of Sports Conditioning will attend one of your athletes games and conduct an in depth functional movement and game play performance analysis to determine individual and team weaknesses, strengths and areas for improvement. This is followed by a consultation between the director and the athlete’s coaches, parents and the athlete. A report will be generated outlining the findings with recommendations for improvement.

Athletes Edge-ucation – BAD provides an environment to educate, guide and inspire individuals to achieve peak performance in the classroom as well as on the playing field. The “Athlete’s Edge-ucation” is an age-appropriate, 30 minute, educational experience developed by the coaches of BAD and CT certified teachers. Developing the minds of athletes, these workshops teach about the physical and mental demands of sports. Our Athlete’s EDGE-ucation program teaches sound exercise principles and techniques, proper nutrition and health practices related to sport, so clients may develop individual healthy and active behaviors that will last a lifetime. Some topics include discussions on proper hydration, pre-competition meals, recovery, steroid abuse, sports supplements and flexibility to name a few.

Do you know the secret to dramatically improving your athletic performance? Call 203-924-2230 or e-mail (coach1@betterathletes.net) to start building strength, speed, and endurance today ... the BAD way! And, don’t forget to ask about our Referral Program!

“In only six weeks, I have seen my body change. I have more muscle definition. On the softball field, I’m hitting the ball farther, throwing the ball harder, and running faster!

“When I joined Better Athletic Development, I knew right away I had made an excellent choice, but the results have been phenomenal. With Better Athletic Development, you get personal training at a regular gym member price!

“It’s even better than that since you get to participate in the boot camp and FAST classes for an additional price of NOTHING!”

Carrie Mayer

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